The Prospects of Enhancing Food Security in Kenya through the Demographic Dividend

  • Wanjiru Gichuhi University of Nairobi
  • Alexander M. Nasiyo University of Nairobi
Keywords: Harnessing demographic dividend, demographic transition, youth bulge, food security, agriculture


Kenya is starting to enter its window demographic dividend, under the assumption of declining fertility rates over the next several decades. The country has the opportunity to exploit the first demographic dividend by attracting and retaining youth in farming. However, studies show that Kenya is deriving very little demographic dividend in agriculture with an increasing proportion of the country’s working age population being inactive. The main objective of this paper is to theoretically examine the demographic dividend, and how this window of opportunity can be utilized to enhancing food security in Kenya. Specifically, it examines the relationship between population growth and increasing food security, with reference to theories against, supporting and neutral. It further, describes Kenya’s youth bulge, and how the bulge can be utilized to enhance food security. We also identify a number of mechanisms that can be applicable to propel the youth for food security in Kenya. The paper benefited immensely from secondary data sources and desk review for evidence


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Author Biographies

Wanjiru Gichuhi, University of Nairobi
Population Studies and Research Institute15
Alexander M. Nasiyo, University of Nairobi
Population Studies and Research Institute