Mitigating the impact of the epidemic on the households and families of older people in rural Uganda: lessons for social protection

  • Janet Seeley University of East Anglia
  • Kenneth Ekoru MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS, Entebbe, Uganda
Keywords: HIV and AIDS, Older people, Social protection, Household composition, Africa, Uganda


Using quantitative and qualitative data drawn from a population cohort of 20,000 people in South-West Uganda we explored factors (household size/dependency ratios/ residence patterns/ socio-economic status) which may have exacerbated or eased the impact of the AIDS epidemic for older people (70 years and older). We found that higher socio-economic status, large family size and reciprocal relationships with kin/neighbours were particularly important in shielding older people from the negative effects of AIDS-related deaths among their children; elders without these fared badly. Our findings provide pointers for the targeting of social protection for older people in such resource-constrained settings.

Author Biography

Janet Seeley, University of East Anglia
School of International Development,