Education as a correlate of life satisfaction among formal sector retirees in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Bola Amaike University of Lagos, Nigeria
Keywords: Retirement, Quality of life, Education, Retirees, Ageing


The effect of education on life satisfaction among formal sector retirees in Lagos State was assessed to determine its impact on life adjustment in retirement. The study also examined the effects of education on self-rated health and well-being of formal sector retirees. Life course perspective, dependency theory, Modernization theory of ageing and wealth flow theory were adopted for the theoretical framework. Using a multi-staged systematic sampling method, retirees from the public sector and organized private sector were covered through questionnaire and structured interviews. Questionnaires were administered on 1321 retirees while 20 in-depth interviews were conducted for executive members of pensioners’ unions and pension managers. Older retirees with at least secondary education had better living conditions and reported higher life satisfaction than their counterparts with lower educational qualifications. The paper concludes with a policy implication, stressing the importance of income security and life skills to retirement planning and life satisfaction in retirement. 

Author Biography

Bola Amaike, University of Lagos, Nigeria
Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences,