Reflections on Illegal Immigration in Botswana and South Africa

  • Eugene K Campbell University of Botswana
Keywords: Illegal immigration, Immigration policy, Unemployment


Illegal labour immigration is increasingly a source of concern to politicians and the public in relatively rich countries within the Southern African Development Corporation (SADC). This paper examines the status of illegal immigration in Botswana and South Africa. The definition of illegal immigration is discussed. It draws extensively from similar experiences in the United States of America and other Sub-Saharan African countries. The major hosts of illegal immigration are South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Primary sources are Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Huge economic disparities between Southern African states are largely responsible for illegal movements in the region. Apprehension and deportation of illegal immigrants are actively pursued in Botswana and South Africa. An effective method of border control in the past was the erection of electrified fence along parts of the South African borders. Some immigration policies are noted and proposals are made for implementation of measures that would assist in controlling illegal immigration in southern Africa.


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Author Biography

Eugene K Campbell, University of Botswana
Department of Population Studies