Forced eviction and rights-based approach to development in Nigeria: A case of Makoko community in Lagos State

  • Olumuyiwa Ajayi Covenant University, Ota
  • Peyibomi Soyinka-Airewele Ithaca College, New York
Keywords: Forced eviction, Lagos, Makoko, Policy actions, Rights-based approach to development.


Background: The problems created by forced evictions in Lagos State, Nigeria and other parts of the globe, are on the increase and have attracted the attention of United Nations development, environment and human rights agencies in recent years.  Data Source and Methods: A cross-sectional field survey was adopted in this study. 1000 copies of questionnaire were administered, and 963 copies were properly filled, collated and analysed using Statgraphics statistical software and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 23).Results: The survey results show that rather than resolving the problem, the Lagos State government’s approach to development by eviction only worsens the social divides in the state.Conclusion: We argue that the Lagos State government needs to embrace a rights-based approach to development by ensuring the rights to occupancy of Makoko residents before renovating the settlement

Author Biographies

Olumuyiwa Ajayi, Covenant University, Ota
Department of Political Science and Inetrnational Relations
Peyibomi Soyinka-Airewele, Ithaca College, New York
Department of Ploitics