Effect of HIV/AIDS on fertility: historical evidence from South Africa’s women educators

  • Eric O. Udjo University of South Africa. Pretoria
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, fertility, educators, pregnancy status, South Africa.


Context/Background: The HIV/AIDS epidemic remains a public health challenge.  Globally, South Africa ranks second in HIV prevalence and has the second lowest fertility rate in sub-Saharan Africa.  The effect of HIV/AIDS on fertility is contentious, although it is often assumed in population projections that HIV/AIDS reduces fertility.  This study examines the effect of HIV/AIDS on the probability of getting pregnant among South Africa’s educators controlling for confounders.Data Source and Methods: The data consisted of a representative sample of educators in public schools in South Africa in 2004. Statistical analysis utilized multivariate logistic regression.Results: Controlling for confounders, HIV positive women educators aged 18-34 had higher odds of being pregnant in the preceding 12 months compared with HIV negative women educators in the same age group.Conclusion: There was no evidence from this study that HIV positive women were less likely to be pregnant than HIV negative women.

Author Biography

Eric O. Udjo, University of South Africa. Pretoria
Demographic Research Division, Bureau of Market Reserach