Factors facilitating risky sexual behaviour among youths in Mufakose, Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Ronald Musizvingoza University of Zimbabwe
  • Naomi N Wekwete University of ZImbabwe
Keywords: Youths, risky sexual behaviour, HIV/AIDS, Mufakose, Harare


Background: Risky sexual behaviours among the youth are a global challenge since they expose young people to reproductive health challenges that include sexually transmitted infections including HIV, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions. The objective of this study was to identify the factors facilitating youth’s risky sexual behaviour.Methods: A survey and focus group discussions were conducted to collect data on risky sexual behaviour among the youth aged 15-24 years in Mufakose, Harare. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to investigate the factors associated with risky sexual behaviour.Results: The mean age at first sexual intercourse was 17.5. The study findings show that 27% of the youth had multiple sexual partners while 26% did not use condoms consistently. Age, religiosity, schooling status, attending parties/clubs, alcohol consumption, smoking/drug use, living and sleeping arrangement, orphan hood status and parents’ education were significantly associated with risky sexual behaviour.Conclusion: Strengthening of youth policies and programmes to support the role of youths, families and religious organisations in behaviour change is recommended

Author Biographies

Ronald Musizvingoza, University of Zimbabwe
Center for Population Studies15
Naomi N Wekwete, University of ZImbabwe
Center for Population Studies